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Welcome to our first Test Automation Challenge


The ASQF Testautomation Challenge is a tournament for all test practitioners to showcase their skills and compete with other test professionals. It puts the testing craft in the spotlight and gives the profession a competitive event on an international level.

This Challenge has a focus on test automation.

Don’t miss your chance and register your team.

The ASQF Test Automation Challenge is from 12-14th October 2022 online and open to everyone: ASQF members and non-members

Test Automation Challenge

AnchorThe path to victory

Create your own team of software testers and compete in friendly competition.

Participants must form teams of up to 4 members. Company teams are allowed; multiple company teams may register if applicable.

There is a €50.00 registration fee per team (net and non-refundable), which must be paid by invoice.


Organizational Stuff

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    Die Teammitglieder sowie die Teambeschreibung & Teamfoto muss spätestens bis einen Monat vor der Veranstaltung nachgereicht werden. / The team members as the team discrition & team photo need to be provided a month before the event.

    Das Team / The team

    Teamname*/ name of the team*

    Teambeschreibung* (2-3 Sätze über das Team z.B. Motto, Motivation ect.) /team discrition* (a few sentences about the team for example motivation)

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    I / we confirm, that the ASQF e.V. can adress me/us and I /we agree, that the event is beeing recorded (Declaration of consent).*

    Mit der Anmeldung wird eine Teilnahmegebühr von 50€ zzgl. Mwst. (pro Team) fällig. / To take part in the event the team needs to pay 50€ exc. VAT per team.

    Rechnungsadresse/ billing adress:

    Why 50 Euro?

    Support the test challenge with your team registration

    Organizing such a complex event costs a lot of money. Many people are involved in this project and the technology also has to be paid for.

    We decided to have a registration fee of 50 € for the team to compensate some of the costs.

    But this fee not only makes the ASQF Test Automation Challenge possible, but with this fee we also avoid any falsification of registrations.

    If you are not interested in playing but like our vision and you are a passionate tester or a passionate supporter of the software testing craft – then you are invited to help with any kind of donation. We are happy to provide a donation list of all our supporters and sponsors.  (Bank details: Sparkasse Erlangen, BIC: BYLADEM1ERH, IBAN: DE 17 7635 0000 0000 0193 83)

    If you would like to donate something, just send an email to

    That’s what you get!

    Duration of the event

    The event will be 1 ½ working days long, plus an initial 30-minute meet & greet and orientation on 12th October. This is an optional part of the competition.

    That’s a long time!

    Not really. You will spend the first few minutes to familiarize with the SUT, read information, then interacting with the customer proxy (product owner).

    After that you should have an idea, what to automate, developing a strategy to do so, and pitch this concept to your fellow competitors (as do they with their concept).

    About halfway through the event, you’ll need to start thinking about the actual test automation, write some automated test, make them executable and be ready to demo it at the end of the event.

    As a last action of the event you will send in your concept as well.

    We suspect that you will be quite busy.

    Software under Test (SUT)

    The actual SUT will be announced shortly before or at the beginning of the event to ensure fair play for everyone.

    Neither in Unicorn Land nor in the Real World will it be possible to test or automate everything.

    Your team will have to decide how to invest your time, what to test, what not to test, what to automate, what not and how to approach it.

    The final deliverables will be the demonstrated test automation, the actual code for review and a test concept that focuses on the most important aspects and informs the “customer” about the status of the test automation, their importance and improvement ideas.

    Wait. You will probably ask, “What is important? What is important to my customers?

    Interaction with the customer(s)

    In the beginning of the event and during several meeting slots, the product owner of the SUT and the jury will be present; you can ask questions during these slots.

    Take this opportunity to ask questions and get answers about priority/risk, consequences of failure, project details, etc. We suggest that after reading the initial information, your team spends a few minutes asking questions and then jumps on the stream to interact with the “customer”. The quality of that conversation will be part of your bottom line!


    Teams will produce two major deliverables: Automation code and an automation concept.

    Since this is an international event, we need the results in English.

    The programming language is free to choose for the teams; our judges are automation practitioners and can handle it.

    The automation code needs to be given to the judges for review and inspection.

    We recommend something common like github; but any open readable storage will suffice (please don’t send dozens of single txt files please).

    The content and format of the automation concept is up to each team, but it should help the decision maker figure out about the situation of the automation, if it needs further improvements, what to invest in next, and so on. Ideally, the concept would also include how you decided what to automate and how your team spent their time.

    For example, your report would start with a description of the state of the SUT, then it could include what you think is most important to automate; then you could add some details about your strategy and the key problems you found.

    At the end of the competition, you will need to email your concept and the code storage links with the subject line “Test Deliverables for [Team_Name]”. (The email address will be provided to teams in advance).

    We expect to receive it “shortly after” the official end of the competition. Ideally, teams will allow some time within their time box for this. We are willing to allow a grace period of 5 minutes to receive it.

    Criteria for the evaluation


    The Jury

    The jury will decide on the entries and the points gained during the competition. The evaluation criteria will take into account various aspects relevant to test automation, e.g. the best automation concept, demonstration of automated tests and implementation of automation patterns.

    The judges will decide on a software to be tested by the participating teams, which will be announced only at the beginning of the chosen competition time.

    A customer representative will be available to answer questions.

    Judges have been selected from the professional software testing community to ensure consistent and fair judging.

    Organisation & Jury

    Maik Nogens

    Maik Nogens

    Head of Jury

    Jörg Sievers

    Jörg Sievers


     Christoph Menke

    Christoph Menke


    Florian Pilz

    Florian Pilz